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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

We don’t want your hands to be idle because, as they say, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. So, we have put together how to make money online in Nigeria.

The good news is that even though getting a full-time job might be difficult for you in the country, you can make your own money online.

How to make money online in Nigeria

Despite holding a reputation as one of the biggest economies in Africa, the ever-growing GDP seems to be a myth. Nigeria aches from relentless inflation rates that have dipped the currency into continuous devaluation.

Besides, the lack of employment adds to Nigeria’s walloping unemployment rate, which shows that almost a section of the population is unemployed.

One of the favors you can do for yourself as a Nigerian is to learn how to make money online. Making money online is one of the most steadfast ways to live and feel at ease in Nigeria’s current economic situation.

In addition to relying mainly on the Naira value, you can make money online in Nigeria in dollars.

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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria


One of Nigeria’s most tempting ways to make money online is blogging. It is easily adaptable, affordable, and, most importantly, legal. Your main duty as a blogger is to create articles and news. Afterward, you post on your website for others to read and interact with. From there, you can profit when users and companies place ads on your website.

Many Nigerians make money each month and every year from blogging. We can agree that few jobs can make you so much money. That is one of the major gains of doing business online in Nigeria.

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Trading Cryptocurrencies (bitcoin)

When the high rate of inflation and isolation of banks make it difficult to handle with the naira, it is the perfect time to look at cryptocurrencies as a side hustle. These digital assets are decentralized, unaffected by economic recessions, and can be traded instantly.

how to make money online in Nigeria

Using contemporary marketplaces such as Paxful, you can purchase Bitcoin differently. It is not limited to gift cards, PayPal or cash deposits, etc. You can have fun with exchange rates, bitcoin prices, and foreign exchange rates and make a huge profit.

When you want to buy and sell bitcoin, you should buy when the price is on the decline and sell when the price has gone up.

Here, you are strongly guessing on both phases of the market, and if it takes another turn, you could lose your investment. Once you sign up with the best platform to sell your Bitcoin in Nigeria, selling your BTC won’t be an issue.

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Gift Card Swapping

Trading gift cards online can be seen on several websites. You can make money from gift cards by trading them. You will have to get a gift card at cheaper rates and sell for more in Naira, and some rewards might even come your way. There are Platforms that are capable of doing this.

Gift card reselling is a meaningful industry. Naturally, this contains purchasing gift cards from customers who want to exchange them for cash at sheer discounts and reselling them to people looking for deals at a bigger profit than the original purchase price.

In other words, you can buy a $100 gift card for $50 from someone who needs quick funds and then resell it for $70 with a $20 profit to another person. This business strategy needs a network that allows you to purchase gift cards at significant savings.

You have seen ads on social media and postings from people offering to purchase or sell gift cards for different stores, like Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Google Play, and so on. They usually function under this business strategy.

Gift card swapping is a part of the ways to make money online in Nigeria and amazingly, it is not a difficult skill to learn.

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Surveys online and watching videos

There are other ways to make quick money online other than watching videos. Brands have paid users millions of cash to take online surveys, read emails, play games, and watch videos. In exchange, they also offered coupons for grocery stores or giveaways from top brands.

Besides the money, you are doing a significant and common thing. Your answers to surveys will assist big brands in designing their product better to match your interests. Which you, the end-user, will eventually enjoy.

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Translating materials

Once you log onto any freelance website, you will be linked to many job postings for translation, interpretation, copywriting, and editing. works on these sites can differ significantly by nature.

For instance, a project can be done mainly online, while another needs you to be present. The needed skills for each project can be different, too, masking areas such as entertainment, games, medicine, law, etc.

If you are taking up a language at In school and want to display your fluency in the language with good practice in real life. You can negotiate compensation for some projects. You can start getting in touch with different jobs.

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make money online in Nigeria

e-Commerce is no different from setting up a store online to sell goods. Every day, it is becoming simpler to do e-commerce, and owning a website is not even needed for success. Many people do their e-commerce business with third companies like Jumia, Jiji, and Konga.

In addition, you can weigh in on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for your online store. Also, you can use the WhatsApp Business App. Good copywriting and marketing skills are necessary for a successful e-commerce business.

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Youtube Videos

Another way to make money online in Nigeria is by uploading videos you’ve shot with your camera or phone to YouTube. YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. You can become wealthy and famous through YouTube if you play your cards right.

You can turn anything into animation, and you can talk about anything. Simply post it to YouTube and distribute it through social media. Improve your status. You can make money from your videos through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and other strategies when your videos get more views.

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Making voice-over

Each and every one of us has a special voice. Projects on different platforms always search for audio talent for commercials, animation, video games, narrators, storytellers, instructors, etc.

If you have a quiet space and want to see how your voice may deliver ideas, you can try online acting.

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Completing tasks for big companies

Not in your wildest dreams could you have imagined that taking photos at a supermarket or answering questions about a particular product could make you money. Big companies now take market research to another level and are open to paying you through tasking apps.

If you are also willing to finish on-demand tasks. They normally take about 8-10 minutes and pay USD$ 3-12 each. Not bad if you’re shopping anyway and need some funding on your items.

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Affiliate Marketing

In Nigeria, affiliate marketing has been around for some time. However, many Nigerians are still skeptical of it or unsure how to handle it. It is one of the sure ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is mostly troubled with helping another person promote their goods in exchange for a cut of the sales. In Nigeria, there are a lot of affiliate marketing outlets, including Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and the Jumia Affiliate Program.

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Renting out your dorm for films

If you have discussed this with your friends and they don’t have a problem with renting out your room as a potential film set, list your room online for the needed parties today. You never know. Your room might become the next location for Nollywood’s next equivalent of a blockbuster movie.

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Transcribing audio clips

If you can pay keen attention and type fast, consider transcribing audio materials to make money online in Nigeria. On websites that can be of use, you can transcribe 2-4 minute audio clips in any language you’re very good in and make anywhere from $15 to $25 an hour. Make sure your grammar and spellings are top-notch for better delivery.

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Video Blogging

With a billion hours of videos watched on YouTube daily, vlogging is always a good idea to make money online in Nigeria if you have a hunch in a certain field and are comfortable speaking in front of a camera.

Try to upload some video content to your YouTube channel. Although building a big following takes time and skills, one fluent in video editing and marketing strategies can make bank with YouTube’s ads and sponsorship programs.

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FAQs About How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

How can I make money on Google?

You can connect a Google AdSense account to your search engine to make money on contextually-relevant ads placed in the search results.

Which app provides real money?

Swagbucks is a recognized leader in the online survey space. The long-running app has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to users over the years.

How can I earn daily income in Nigeria?

Real Estate Agent.
Laundry and dry cleaning services.
Restaurant and Fast food Business.
Transportation Business.
POS Payments Service.
Foodstuff Business.

Which is the best earning app?

Google Opinion. Google Opinion is another best money-earning app that can help you make cash or credit out of answering queries. …
Sheroes. …
U Speak We Pay. …

Which game is best for real money?

Carrom Clash. …
Solitaire Cube. …
Ludo Win. …
Pocket League. …
21 Blitz by Skillz. …
Snakes & Ladders.

Are there websites that pay real money?

Some of the genuine online money-earning sites which pay their users are Youtube, Google Adsense, Udemy, Meesho, Threadup, Zerodha etc.

What video game will make the most money in 2022/23?

PUBG Mobile generated over $2 billion in revenue, putting it far ahead of all other shooters. Garena Free Fire came second, grossing $832 million.

What free games pay out real money?

Solitaire Cash. Download the Solitaire Cash app to play against other players or enjoy solo mode. …
Bingo Cash. Speed is the game’s name with this digital update of everyone’s favourite old-school game. …
Mistplay. …
Cash’Em All. …
21 Blitz. …

Making money online in Nigeria is easier and more flexible than a regular office job. But there are tasks in everything we accomplish as humans. These are all the realistic ways to make money online in Nigeria.

So, get moving and get those cash. Cryptocurrency Trading is one of the best ways to go. Once your BTC has increased in value, sell it at the highest Bitcoin rates in Nigeria. It’s that easy.