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Barka da Sallah! – Video of Igbo Muslims in Enugu observing Eid Prayers thrills social media

Muslim users on social media were amazed when they came across a video of Igbo Muslims in Enugu state performing Eid prayers to celebrate Eid-el-Fitri.

According to Punch’s report, a man named Siraj Nwansukka was spotted wearing his typical red cap and speaking to Muslims during the Eid prayer.

The footage revealed Nwansukka addressing his Muslim brethren in the Igbo language during the Eid prayer.

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Social media reactions

It is not surprising that the reality of such of video would elicit massive reactions from Netizens, especially Muslims. Here are some comments:

Muktar Bagudo: “Believe it or not i had an Igbo Quranic teacher”

@aminuArgungu: “May Allah continue to strengthen your faith and bless the Ummah you are leading. Ameen. “Masha Allah. Eid Mubarak. Taqabbala-llahu min-na wa minkum.”

Jimoh Kazeem Bolaji: “The last time I was in Nsukka UNN area specifically, there was a large turnout of worshippers during Friday prayers, infact the numbers was overwhelming.”

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Igbo man shares how he became a Suya chef

In another story by Battabox, the journey of an Igbo man who walked the path many his age and tribe will probably not have meddled with, was explored.

Felix Eden, a young passionate man, shared how he became a Suya chef and how he learnt from the originators of the snack, the Hausas.

He is the first son of his family, and even with all odds against him, the young man has refused to give up on succeeding. Felix Kitchen is involved in Barbecue, Shawarma, all types of traditional food, and Suya.

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