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Mr Ibu rains prayers on daughter, Jasmine as she buys brand new car

After his beloved daughter Jasmine Okafor bought a new car, Nollywood actor John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, offered a prayer for her.

Jasmine recently purchased a brand-new automobile and the content creator uploaded multiple pictures of herself using the whip.

She congratulated herself on her accomplishment and said she was thrilled to have collaborated with Still Autos on her newest property.

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Jasmine released a video of her father, Mr. Ibu, praying for her in an update to the article.

She thanked him for the prayers by posting the video on her Instagram page.

You need to be teachable 

She said she is certain in the fact that, through Jesus Christ, her steps were guided.

Jasmine spoke of how Mr. Ibu constantly emphasized to her how successful she might be if she humbled herself and was teachable.

She thanked her creator for continually guiding her through the path called life and expressed gratitude to Him for doing so.

“Thank you for your prayers, Papa! I have confidence in the fact that with you my steps are guided through Jesus Christ our Lord! @reammribu!!!!! You always reminded me how bright my future could be if I humble myself and be coachable, am grateful to God for consistently seeing me through this journey called life, and am thankful to you for constantly mentoring me!

Thank you all for the congratulatory messages yesterday! You’re next in line! Y’all stay blessed”.

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Come here my friend: Daughter convinces Mr Ibu to exercise

Meanwhile, Lady Jasmine, awed Nigerians with a beautiful daughter-father workout routine.

Jasmine uploaded a video on Instagram where Mr ibu and she were exercising. 

Obviously, her father, Mr. Ibu, was reluctant to exercise, but his daughter convinced him.