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Nigerian boy with N200 asks for Gold iPhone, seller laughs hard

  • Despite only having N200 with him, a confident young man from Nigeria entered a store and declared his desire to purchase an iPhone. 
  • The boisterous child declared he wanted N100 in change after selecting a gold iPhone. 
  • Nigerians who were moved by the boy’s innocence proposed getting him a phone if they could get in touch with him.

A Nigerian boy with N200 asks for Gold iPhone in a shop which got everyone laughing  

He claimed he had just N200 on him but wanted an iPhone. The merchant made fun of the young customer by asking him to retrieve the cash.

The youngster even expressed his desire for a gold iPhone with assurance. 


The fact that he simply wanted N100 for the item startled the people working at the store.

Before taking it back, the man offered him the iPhone so he could feel it for a little while. 

Nigerian boy with N200 asks for Gold iPhone, seller laughs hard

Boy with N200 asks for Gold iPhone

Many Nigerians promised to buy the boy a phone after being moved by his innocence as he asks for Gold iPhone.

Mikky myles said: “Make me sef enter where they dey sell Benz say I like am I wan buy am 500.” 

Emma_ray556 said: “Bro I’m going to get him the phone how can I reach out to you.”

Bachelor said: “Small boy with big dream.”

cyrusquaye03 said: “I thought you were gonna give it to him.” 

khalid Mohammed47 said: “Hello I can offer him mine iphone 14 Pro max.”


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