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Olamide Cheated on His Wife With 19-Year-Old OAP, Maria Okan – Temmie Ovwasa

  • Nigerian musician, Temmie Ovwasa has made massive allegations against her former record label boss, Olamide, claiming he was cheating on his wife.
  • In a lengthy Instagram story outburst, she alleged that Olamide was in a love connection with a 19-year-old Ajayi Crowther University student.
  • Temmie Ovwasa also accused him of putting her in a compromising position by involving her in his affairs with the young student and On-Air-Personality, Maria Okan.

Recall, that in 2019, unconfirmed reports of Maria’s pregnancy, with speculation about Olamide’s involvement, though neither party confirmed the paternity claims.

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Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie wrote; “First time I went to Lagos, I went with my older male cousin, He had more sense than me so of course he was asking questions, Olamide told me he preferred that he shouldn’t come back with me, in my naivety I told him not to come back with me.

“You did the same thing when Lyta’s dad was asking questions, if your intentions aren’t sinister why do you have a problem with older, more experienced people being part of your artist’s lives!?

“I would be minding my business in the room and your wife would be coming to ask me about the girls you’re cheating with”.

“From the 19 year old girl from Ajayi Crowther university that I met at your place, to the OAP, only for your wife to start grilling me and asking questions when she found out you were cheating with that girl! How that one take be my business!!!”

Temmie Ovwasa opens up on alleged physical, s3xual assault from Olamide