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Nigerian entrepreneur “Ebenezer” purchases premium land for mother after disrespectful incident

  • Owerri business tycoon “Ebenezer” responds to Mother’s Insult to defend family honour
  • The young man expressed to the public the profound significance of transforming his mother into a ‘double’ landlady.
  • The son, who purchased a plot of land, recounted the insult his mother endured regarding a property, dating back two years.

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Owerri Entrepreneur "Ebenezer" Takes Swift Action: Purchases Premium Land for Mother After Disrespectful Incident"
Owerri Entrepreneur “Ebenezer” Takes Swift Action: Purchases Premium Land for Mother After Disrespectful Incident”

Owerri businessman Ezeh Chukwuebuka Ebenezer marks a joyous milestone with a land purchase for his mother in a heartwarming celebration of familial love and success.

The gesture not only stands as a testament to his financial accomplishments but also reflects a deep-rooted commitment to honoring and providing for his family.

On Thursday, February 1, the real estate consultant took to Facebook, posting a heartwarming image capturing the moment his mother embraced him with joy and gratitude, expressing her appreciation for the gift of land.

Ebenezer says his Mom is now a “double landlady “

When questioned about the term ‘double landlady,’ Ebenezer clarified that he used the expression because both he and his brother jointly purchased two pieces of land for their mother – one for each of them.

“She got more than one plot. “I and my kid bro ..gifted her one each.

Ebenezar elaborated on his emotions regarding the purchase of land for his mother, expressing:

“I feel fulfilled breaking a barrier of my family not having a property around the environment they have stayed for more than 30 years.”

Check out video below…

Ebenezer looking good in picture
Ebenezer looking good in picture

Ebenezer emphasized that they insulted his Mum over a land

The ex-president of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, recounted an incident from two years ago when his mother was scorned by an individual over a piece of land.

He shared the account of his mother tearfully describing an insult she endured regarding the property over a phone call. he assured her that he would bring her peace by promising to purchase her own someday.

Invest in lands – Man buys land for N320k, sells it for N1m

In other stories, GehGeh, a Nigerian man, highlighted the significance of land investment as he showcased his profitable returns.

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In a TikTok video he posted, GehGeh shared how he made a profit of N680k from land he sold. The man, who preaches about the importance of investing in lands rather than renting one’s house out or saving up in banks, shared how he got to the whooping sum.

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