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10 Reasons Peter Obi Is Nigeria’s Political Goat

Popularly known as Okwute, which means rock. The name seems to perfectly fit the 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi who appears to be immovable.

In a country that is in dire need of stability, it seems fitting that Peter Obi, a man known as the rock, is the people’s choice for leadership. 

Who is Peter Obi?

Peter Obi was born on 19 July 1961 in Onitsha, Anambra State. He attended Christ the King College, Onitsha, where he completed his secondary school education, and gained admission into the University of Nigeria, in 1980.

He graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy in 1984.

Upon graduation, he started out in business and finance and finally worked his way up to assume a number of executive roles with considerable authority at banks. Prior to resigning from his post to pursue a career in politics, Peter Obi was the chairman of Fidelity Bank during the early 2000s. 

As a member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, he ran for governor of Anambra state in 2003. However, the All Progressives Grand Alliance illegally announced the victory over Obi. 

Peter Obi won the election in 2006 following three years of legal disputes, and he resumed office in March of that year. He was impeached on grounds of gross misdemeanor, but the impeachment was later reversed, and he was reinstated to office in February 2007 after his November impeachment. 

When a fresh election was held in April 2007, Obi was once more ousted, but the judiciary stepped in again and decided that he should be permitted to serve out his whole four-year term. 

In 2010, he won reelection and has since then gained new status as an advocate for good governance. 

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10 Reasons Why Peter Obi Is Nigeria’s Political Goat

Peter Obi started a movement

For a country whose 70% youth population has been perpetually indifferent towards partisan politics, Obi gave them hope again. 

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Peter Obi spoke hope to the youths. He didn’t just speak, he gave hope.

Peter Obi

The Nigerian youths who have been clamoring for a change of leadership stood firmly behind him. The Nigerian government for the past 23 years has been a rotation between two parties – PDP and APC. 

LP was seen to be a minor party until Peter Obi cross carpeted and started the OBIdient movement. 

His opponents claim that by defecting from that party and running with the tiny Labour Party, he is demonstrating that he is a political opportunist eager to hold public office. But no one can now deny that he started a fire amongst the youths. 

He might have lost the election, but he started a movement. 

He listens to the youths

On the 2nd of November 2023, he made a statement saying “I don’t like the way our youths were treated during the EndSARS. I will apologize to them if elected president in 2023.”

For the Nigerian youths, a president who shows solidarity with their plight is a president worth voting for. 

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He is young and vibrant as opposed to old and vibrating

Peter Obi

Although the ‘Not Too Young to Rule‘ bill was passed into law by Buhari’s administration, there hasn’t been any youth involvement in governance like in other developed nations. Nigerian youths are prepared, but they lack the chance, especially with the high price of presidential tickets.

Only a leader who values young people like Peter Obi can offer Nigerians this chance.

Peter Obi at 61 is the youngest candidate for the 2023 presidential elections. He is young and experienced enough to set us on the right path economically and socio-politically. 

He understands true democracy 

According to Peter Obi, “We must have a country where love exists, that is what leadership in a democracy is all about.” 

With him, the government is definitely for the people by the people. There’s no boycotting, no red tabling of power. Power is not by force and it doesn’t require violence to be had. 

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He has no political godfather

One of the major problems with Nigeria’s political structure is godfatherism; powerful individuals who support a politician financially, structurally, etc. to win an election. They invariably form cartels that impact the important decisions the leader makes while in office, including appointments and policies.

After switching from a significant party like the PDP to the Labour Party, it is evident that he lacks any structure or powerful politicians to sponsor him and keep him in check while in office. Nobody would proclaim “I made him president” if he wins the poll, unlike when Buhari and Osinbajo were mentioned.

Both his sponsor and his support system are worn-out citizens of this nation. So, if he prevails, he will solely take advice from the populace.

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Peter Obi is prepared for governance

Peter Obi travels to areas where things are going well to borrow ideas on how to fix Nigeria while other candidates are out consulting and campaigning for votes in order to win the election. 

Peter Obi

Nearly every industry in this nation has collapsed, and it seemed that only Peter Obi cares about restoring them. As opposed to others who only care about winning elections and obtaining power. 

The past leaders are not horrible people, they just failed at governance because they lacked the necessary skills. So, the next leader must do something different from what has led us to this point. 

Nigerians require a fundamental break from the accepted practices of doing things in the same way and Peter Obi is learning those ways. 

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He has the right experience and exposure to shift the poverty line in Nigeria 

No other presidential candidate comes close to matching Peter Obi’s experience and depth of understanding of the Nigerian economy. 

He was the first governor of Nigeria to be appointed by President Jonathan to the National Economic Council, despite the fact that he was neither a close ally nor a fellow member of the president’s party. It was all merit in this.

He served as the country’s youngest chairman of Fidelity Bank, and as a former chairman of the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission (NSE). 

Peter has also served on the boards of directors of other banks, as well as on numerous federal government economic committees, including the National Economic Committee on Power Sector Reform, the National Economic Council Committee on Sharing of MDG Funds, and the National Economic Council Committee on Accurate Data on Nigeria’s Oil Import and Export.

Nigerian came together irrespective of tribe for the first time under his leadership

Due to the fact that Obi is an Igbo man, some people fear that he may split Nigeria. 

However, Peter Obi is a man who respects the character and not the tribe. He constantly advises Nigerians to shun religion, culture, and tribe, to ensure that they vote for their choice outside those factors. 

Obi has never been associated with MASSOB, IPOB, their leaders, or any other group that fights for Biafra, either before he was elected governor, during his time in office, or after he left it. Even IPOB said specifically that they had no dealings with Obi. 

In one Nigeria, he has faith. He is driven by a zeal to change our economy from one of consumption to one of production.

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Give me Peter Obi or I JAPA

Peter Obi is not desperate to rule

Peter Obi is simply making himself available to save Nigeria. Unlike certain other people that we all know, he is not driven by a desire to seize power. Since Obi has faith in the people, he will never pay a politician to endorse him.

Peter Obi is more democratic than the others since he lacks desperation and respects the populace.

The people actually love him

Not since the EndSARS movement have we seen Nigerians band together for one cause, especially the youths. 

Peter Obi movement rally

Peter Obi is truly loved by the people. This is not a love borne out of fear, but out of zeal and hope. Never before have people shown up and traveled down from all over the world to show solidarity for one man.

Peter Obi made that happen. 

On a final note: Peter Obi, a mandate deferred

While he may have lost the presidential elections, many believe he has not lost the mandate. And why shouldn’t they? A man who waited three years to prove his victory in Anambra state can surely prove his victory in the Nigerian presidential elections as well. 

Peter Obi has proven time and again, in words and in actions, that he is the GOAT in Nigerian politics. The hope for many Nigerians now, is that we get this mandate back.