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I regret it – Woman signs all her properties in brother’s name, finds out his wife is set to divorce him

A married woman has taken her problem to the internet to solicit advice from social media users.

The mother of three explained that she is on the verge of losing all she has worked for because the properties she signed in her brother’s name might not be hers anymore.

According to her, she and her husband are very okay financially, and he allows her to use her money the way she likes despite working a well-paying job.

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She saved up and invested her money by gathering properties because she was preparing for the worst. However, she signed all her investments in her brother’s name because she didn’t want her husband to find out.

Shockingly, she was informed that her brother and his partner might be getting a divorce, and his wife is demanding half of his assets with the knowledge that most of the properties are not actually his.

Woman stressed over property she signed in brother's name

The frustrated woman then poured her heart out to people on the internet as she asserted that her brother’s wife is very serious about the divorce and she has no idea what she should do.

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Woman says husband chosed property over child’s birth

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman narrated on Twitter how her husband chose landed property over their child’s birth.

The lady, popularly known on Twitter as @madamolu, recalled her child-birthing experience and the pains her husband caused her.

She had difficulties birthing naturally but couldn’t have a caesarian section because she thought her spouse was broke. It turned out that the man was not broke but was saving money to get land for undisclosed reasons.

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