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Price of Play Station 5 in Nigeria

This article contains detailed information about the price of play station 5 in Nigeria.

The play station 5 is a video game console created by Sony interactive entertainment. It was announced in 2019 as the heir to the play station 4.

The PS5 (Play Station 5) was released in November 2020, it was released in specific countries like New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. And North America. A nationwide release followed a week later.

The play station 5 is one of Sony’s best creations. It is amongst the ninth generation of video game consoles, accompanied by Microsoft’s XBOX series X and S. they were released the same month as the play station 5 (PS5).

How much is PS5 in Nigeria

The origin model has an n optical disc drive that works with an ultra HD blue ray disc. This drive is not present in the digital version of the game, thereby allowing it to function as a low-cost model. This is for those who purchase games using digital downloads.

The features of the main hardware of play station 5, have a solid-state drive tailored for high-speed data.

This will enable major improvements in how the storage functions. It also has an AMD GPU adept of 4k resolution display at up to 120 frames per second, and the whirlwind engine. The engine allows for hardware-accelerated 3D audio effects.

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Price of Play Station 5 in Nigeria

The play station 5 console is undoubtedly one of the most wanted pieces of technology in the world at the moment. One thing of note is that the price of play station 5 in Nigeria is very dynamic. As a result, the information about the price is subject to change.

Price of play station 5 in Nigeria

The price of play station when it was released was #250, 000. This was the price converted into naira. but since the console was released, the cheapest price you can get it for in Nigeria is #440, 000.

This was a time everybody in the country was selling it for #550,000. To get the current price of Play station 5, one has to put into consideration where they’re getting it.

The hardware

The play station 5 is powered by a custom system on a chip, designed by AMD and Sony. It integrates a convention 7nm AMD and Zen 2 CPU with 8 centers functioning at a flexible frequency covered at 3.5 GHz.

The GPU runs with a 36-compute unit at flexible frequency, topped at 2.23 GHz which is adept at running at its peak theoretically of 10 teraflops.

Both the GPU and CPU are supervised by a special boost system. It combines AMD’s smart shift technology, which regulates these units’ frequency.

It does that based on the present activities of the two, to focus on the best constant power drawn.

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The play station 5 has a cooling system that contains a double-sided cooling fan. It takes in air, and it is 120mm in diameter and 45mm thick.

It possesses a heat sink that is large, and designed with a standard heat pipe, which according to Sony, has a shape and airflow. This makes it possible to reach the same performance as a vapor chamber.


The play station 5 has a custom-built internal storage of 825 GB solid-state drive (667GB available) with a 12-channel interface, achieving 5.5 GIG of raw output. Storage for games is expandable through an NVM Express M.2 port for solid-state storage and a USB hard drive.

However, during launching the console will not boot if an NVMe drive that is not supported is installed. The controller and flash memory chip for play station 5 is on its motherboard, so the user SSD is not user serviceable.

Although the installation of games is compulsory, the user has a level of control over what to install. only install a game that has a multilayer as part of its component.

In contrast, you can move games on play station 4 on the internal SSD drive and an external drive.

Games on play station 5 must be stored on the internal SSD for them to be played. But during launch, games cannot be moved.

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Additional parts

In august 2022, Sony revealed a new controller for play station 5, which has a dual sensed edge.

The controller has a more modular design than the dual sense, which has replaceable stick modules. It has the option to relocate map inputs and multiple control profiles. Other parts on the play station 5 include a charging station for the dual sense.

Games on play station 5

Every play station 5 console has Astro Pay room pre-installed. The game was designed to show the demonstrations of the dual-sense controller.

Games on PS5 are not particular to any region, So, if you buy a game in one area, it can be played in any other part you move to. This will in no way hinder your saved data on the console.

Games such as God of war Ragnarok, Rachet and clank, and horizon forbidden west. They are said to be next-level games that are only supported by the PS4 and 5 hard wares.

But popular games such as FIFA can also be played on the console. The makers of FIFA also coming out with new updates and modifications to their games. This is mainly for gamers of FIFA to have a better experience of the game.

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