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How did you get pregnant? Reactions as married woman gets pregnant three months after husband gets a vasectomy

  • The news of a husband who discovered his wife was expecting after having a vasectomy was recently trending online.
  • In order to find out if his wife was true to him, the man had the surgery done in secret. It turned out, however, that she was not.
  • The man addressed his wife in a video that was currently trending on Twitter and told her that he had a vasectomy.

A woman is now expecting a child months after her husband had a vasectomy without informing his wife.

In a viral video posted on Twitter by @peladexn, a guy admitted to his wife that he was unable to get her pregnant and that he was interested in learning who the father of the child she was carrying was.

The man was unable to get any woman pregnant as a result of the vasectomy he had. Without thinking that her husband would find out, the woman became pregnant while still married.

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Wife gets furious after husband does vasectomy in secret

Due to his lack of trust in his wife and desire to determine her loyalty, he kept his decision a secret.

When she learned that her husband had the procedure done in secret, the woman became furious.

She made a point of stating that her husband had only ever pondered obtaining a vasectomy during their four years of trying to conceive a child.

She questioned her husband about whether he would accept and love the child she was carrying, but he objected, saying that since she wasn’t his wife, the child couldn’t be his.

see some media reactions:

@derrickosei96 commented: “Got to give this a try when I get married too.”

@ibee152 said: “The man is obviously at fault, because he got a vasectomy without his wife’s consent.”

@ArtIsANeed said: “Vasectomy is not 100% secure against pregnancy. This appears to be a skit. People chase clout like mad on social media, so believe at own risk, anything they feed you.”

@mrphat00 said: “How did you get pregnant? Answer the question!”

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Vasectomy is not a remedy for a man who cheats or STD: Nigerian Catholic priest, Kelvin Ugwu claims

Famous Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, has expressed his thoughts on vasectomy and claimed that it does not stop a guy from cheating.

On June 28, a missionary priest from the Gambia who is living in the United States said on Facebook that the church does not promote vasectomy and that it is not a cure for infidelity or STDs.

He added that it can potentially result in more dishonest behavior.

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