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Senator Styles for Men

Senator styles for men is a style of clothing that is particularly designed for men. It is now one of the common styles for men today, and it is absolutely gorgeous. This style is most common in the southeastern part of Nigeria, and it is not normally designed with trousers and a long or short sleeve with an agbada.

Senator styles for men
Senator styles for men

In the northern parts of Nigeria, senator wears are mostly made in big numbers. Stylists in these parts of the country have come to master the art of making the clothing. The most notable material used for the senator style in these states is the “senator adire” also known as “kabakaba.

In Nigeria today, the senator style is not only peculiar to the male gender alone, the female gender and children have also joined in the trend of dawning this style of clothing. As the saying goes, good things are not meant for only one person. Below are some of the senator styles for men out there today:

Senator Styles for Men

Short Sleeve Agbada Senator Style

This senator style is made in form of short sleeves with some sort of a design in the front. It is one of the senator styles that most definitely suit different occasions. Be it a wedding or any other event. The short sleeve senator style is a good choice to go for.

Senator styles for men
The short sleeve agbada style

It can be designed as just one piece, or designed in layers, so that it can come in handy when the weather gets chilly. You can combine the short sleeve senator agbada style with black or brown shoes, and a black cap.

This depends on the colour of the material you decide to go for. A very lovely sunglasses can also be added to give you a handsome look like you deserve.


Stripe Kaftan Senator Wears

This style of the senator design makes you look like the real gentleman you want to be. One of the good things about this is that it can go hand in hand with almost any accessories.

Senator styles for men

Therefore, it is one of the most versatile senator styles for men out there for different occasions. You can rock it to social gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, church, or to a formal setting.

Yellow Hand Cut Shirt Senator style

This senator style is made 100% from cotton material, this makes it good and soft for your skin. It is one of the latest senator styles for men out there today, and it has been going around rapidly.

Senator styles for men
A father rocking the yellow handcut senator style with his son

The style is most suited for weddings or traditional marriages. You do not need to be elaborate when you rock this style, all you need is a little sun shade, wristwatch and a corporate shoe to match.

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Black Senator Wear with Jacket

This senator design is one of the senator styles for men that is in vogue. It is made from the best material, with a top notch matching embroidery. It is also one of the senator styles for men that you can rock to different occasions. The style is a design that is inspired by the African continent, and you will definitely stand out when you rock it.

Senator styles for men
Beautiful design of the black senator style with jacket

Unlike other styles on this list, your choice of accessories for this style is very important. You must make sure to match the outfit with the right shoes and cap, so that it will bring out the true elegance of this style.

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Pipe Neck Senator Wear

This style is a very good fit if you are able to get the stylist to designed it for you in a way that will bring out your physical attributes. The pipe men senator style is one of the new senator styles in town.

And it will surely single you out from the crowd if styled correctly. The predominant way of styling it is the long neck golden colour necklace and if possibly an Italian shoe.

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Senator with Orange Crewel Stich Embroidery

enator outfit with orange crewel embroidery

This style is a good way to go if you want to show up at that event oozing mixed feelings. It is a simple yet classy design that is good for all men out there. This style comes with a round crewel stitch embroidery, placed on a white horizontal embroidery as well. You can also rock this outfit to any event, so far you get the combinations spot on.

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White Dashiki Agbada Senator Wear

White Dashiki Agbada Senator Wear

This is one of the best senator outfits for men, and it is mostly for special occasions. To add a little bit of boldness to your outfit, you can combine it with a accessories such as gold, beads, leather or if you can afford a diamond. You can also add sun glasses or purses to the attire.

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White Senator wear with side Pocket

This is one of the simple ad easy senator style for men that you can rock as a normal or casual wear. The design comes with a golden fabric, and the pocket is also on the side. You can wear them to offices and casual occasions.

Senator styles for men
The white senator style with side pocket

The perfect footwear to combine this with are leather, suede shoes, flip-flop and sandals. Other stuffs such as purse, hats, caps, can also be combined with it.

Short sleeve Senator design

This senator style is very easy and also makes you look stylish. The sweet thing is that you can rock it with different accessories, and you will still look good regardless. This has made it easy for men to dawn this style to any occasion even when they do not want to be elaborate.

Short sleeve Senator design
A short sleeve senator style

It really suits a red or black Igbo chief cap, a fancy walking stick and any other combination.

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Medium Sleeves with a side chest Design

Senator styles for men
medium sleeves with a side chest design

When you rock this style with the right adornments, you are most likely to look like a walking piece of art. The outfit is styled as a medium sleeve shirt with buttons all the way down, with a casual design on one side of the chest. With the correct accessories, you can wear it to any event.

Long Sleeves Blue Stripe Senator wear

Long Sleeves Blue Stripe Senator wear

The blue stripe senator wear will give you a confident and smart look. The style comes in long sleeves all the way down to the length of the knee. It is also one of the senator styles that you can rock for any occasion, in as much you have the  right adornments t o combine it with. Matching caps and leather bags cam also come in handy to combine with this style.

Short Sleeve Royal Blue Senator wear

Senator styles for men
A short sleeve royal blue senator for men

Anybody can rock this senator style, it comes in a short6 sleeve design with a black embroidery fabric. Different occasions call for different outfits, but you want to rock this one for any occasion you have. Make sure that the cap you’re combining should have the same colour as the embroidery.  

Plain Rivers Etibo White Senator Wear on Stripes Trouser

This senator wear oozes both class, grace and culture. It can be worn to any occasion, including parties and corporate places. You can rock this wear with a combination of a leather shoes.

Senator styles for men
Plain river Edowear with stripe trouser

You can never go wrong with a collar pin, a wristwatch, or a bracelet. A matching hat, purse, and fancy walking stick say that you are different when you rock the outfit.

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The Orange Senator Style

Orange is elegant, glitzy, and catchy especially for fair-skinned Nigerian men. The black striped orange senator style looks good on a black pair of shoes with a gold style. The gold colour merges with the orange to give a very amazing blend. The gold wristwatch perfectly goes well with this design.

Long Sleeves Blue Stripe Senator wear
Ebuka rockig the orange senator style

With a shady pair of sunglasses, a black leather bag, and a black cap to complement everything, you’ve successfully styled yourself amongst the handsome men association of Nigeria.

The Purple Design Senator Style

With the diamond-designed shape in the front of the purple-designed senator style. It has a trim design that makes it one of the best to look at for any outing, event, or meeting.

Senator styles for men

Furthermore, For that Owambe outing, think about rocking the purple designed senator style. You’ll be intrigued at how much eyes and attention will be fixated on you for how dope you appear.

The Brownish Gold Senator Style

The Brownish Gold Senator Style
A young man all smiles in a brownish gold senator style

The Brownish Gold senator style is different and perfect for every occasion. Rock it with a pair of black trousers and shoes, and a black wristwatch, and you’re fresh for a cool moment. The black flower design at the down part of the top makes it stylish and fanciful for every eye to behold.


Senator styles for men

You can design your senator wear with needlework of any kind. This needlework can be used to design the front or neck area. Just let your creativity showcase itself as you make the needlework into any style or design of your choice.

Mix Fabrics

You can use different materials to make one senator wear. While you’re doing this, make sure the colours balance each other. If you don’t want to use needlework with this style, use one of the joined materials to design the primary fabric.

Senator styles for men
A handsome man looking all dapper in a mix fabric senator style

You can even use different colours of material from a design of your own. It makes your senator outfit colourful.


Senator styles for men

This is a very creative style. Joining the Agbada design with a senator outfit is one new vogue that is surely a crowd-pleaser. To achieve this, your fashion stylist has to create one sleeve, a normal senator sleeve and the other like an Agbada, as displayed in the picture above.

More on Senator Styles for Men

The senator’s outfit can be rocked for different occasions and can also be worn to different outings. Senator styles or outfit is a type of outfit you wear that gives you a bold and respectable outlook, classy and wealthy. The name came out because it was one of the popular wears rocked by senators in Nigeria.

As a Nigerian man, you can casually design your senator outfit and wear it to your workplace. You can also style it in a creative way and rock it outside for a party. A lot of men are not comfy with continuously wearing a suit. This, however was the cause of the senator style being created.

Senator styles are a predominant outfit rocked by men these days. Scarcely would you see a man who does not have the senator outfit in his wardrobe. As a man, you need an outfit that would give you the look of a respected figure anywhere you go.

Looking nice is good, but it is better to wear needed, nice, and trendy designs that show the new fashion styles. That’s why we have assembled for you some of the latest senator styles for men. Go through any of them the next time you’re looking to sew a fine cloth, and you won’t regret you did. 

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FAQs for Senator Styles for Men

What are the best materials for senator wears?

Cashmere material is a very popular fabric material that is often used for senator wear. The popularity of the clothing has made almost all senators wear to be inclusive of this kind of material.

Why is it called Senator wear?

The man is an Igbo chief and a National figure as well,he is, by name, senator Anyim Pius Anyim. He was the first person who wore the attire when he was the senate president under president Olusegun Obasanjo’s government. So, that prompted people to give his fashion style the name ‘senator’.

Can Senator material be used for agbada?

Agbada can be made from cashmere or senator materials. This makes it more appealing due to the beautifulness of the material. 

Can I use Senator material to sew suit?

This gorgeous fabric material is suitable for trousers, suits and Senator outfits. It is durable and adorable.

What is a senator suit?

The Senator Suit is the latest Nigerian trend and is a cool combination of traditional and modern. 

What is the history of senator wears?

The clothing style has its origin traced to individuals of Igbo and Niger-Delta areas. This clothing was made well known by the former Nigerian senate president Anyim Pius Anyim (2000-2003). For the most part, he graced pretty much every event with this outfit.

What is the strongest material to sew with?

With a high strength to weight ratio, nylon is one of the strongest threads available, making it a great choice for stitching upholstery, leather, and vinyl.