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Social Media: Is it Social Enough?

Social media is life for some people. Their entire existence begins at the “s” and ends at the “a”. It is their alpha and omega, and outside it, they might as well not exist.

For some, it might be for their work (dem WhatsApp CEOs), or it could be for information and entertainment. Either way, it is their new reality. And although living in a digitalized world has helped us to achieve some things, as the saying goes, “too much of everything is not good”.

Social media is a unique medium that has become a part of our daily lives; we are so reliant on it that some of us can’t imagine a world without it. It has greatly impacted our lives, from creating great relationships through global connectivity to increasing brand awareness.

Yes, social media may seem very entertaining, but there is a dark side to it. 

Pros of social media

Better connection

We don’t need to worry about meeting people the traditional way. With the help of the internet, you may connect with people from anywhere in the world. It also gives you the ability to communicate with individuals all over the world.

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Yes, this is the main reason why people use social media. It is a great form of entertainment. Because of this, people usually spend hours on various social networks, either scrolling, engaging in people’s content, or exchanging ideas and images. 

They can also watch other people’s photos, remarks, and videos for pleasure.

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Promotion and advertising

Because the entire world uses social media, people share their business products and services with the whole world. You can freely promote your product on the internet

Even better, you can pay for ads which would increase your visibility.

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Provision of up-to-date information

Another excellent thing is that it provides recent information. Traditional media either fails in delivering news and information quickly, or some of them have been compromised. However, you can get recent news by just scrolling through your Twitter feed or Instagram page.

Free education 

The primary reason social media was created was to aid education. Other than entertainment, social media allows you to learn from many people – known or unknown. 

There are many experts and lecturers on the internet that can assist you with any subject matter. Guess what? You don’t have to pay them!

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Formation of Communities

It plays a critical role in the formation of communities. People form communities based on shared interests, religions, and beliefs. 

With that, you can talk about anything relevant to your interest with other individuals in the community and groups who share your interests.

Cons of social media

Social Media: Is it Social Enough? - battabox.com

With all that has been written above, social media does provide a lot of positive effects but not all the time. However, there are several downsides.


Hacking is the most difficult thing about social media. Hackers could be people that you know and don’t know. These people get a hold of accounts and then begin to blackmail them by revealing their personal information.

In some cases, these hackers threaten with nudes. Hacking affects a lot of young people. 

Disregard for face-to-face Communication Skills  

With social media, you prioritize online communication and disregard face-to-face relationships. 

Everyone uses the internet to interact with others, and as a result, they have gradually lost their ability to communicate face-to-face. People who learned to communicate primarily over social networks also find face-to-face communication extremely difficult.

Fake News

Yes, social media increases the rate you hear the news, but not all of it is accurate. With traditional media failing and the rise of social media “reporters”, there is no verification of the news spread. 

Anyone can manufacture fake news on a trending topic and post it on the internet without any verification, and this news will spread like wildfire around the globe.


Bullying that takes place on social platforms is known as cyberbullying. Many people are internet bullies, they hide behind their keyboards or phones and ruin lives. Because they are untraceable, this gives them the right to do whatever they want. 

Furthermore, they make other individuals feel uncomfortable by making unpleasant remarks and teasing them in different ways

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Harmful to One’s Health 

Excessive usage of social media platforms has been linked to a variety of issues in people. Not only are they addicted, but their constant use of it at all hours of the day and night brings about health issues. 

They are constantly online and prioritize having online communication at the expense of other things. 

Depression and Loneliness 

People who spend too much time on social media get depressed and lonely. The internet is also very addictive and spending so much time in front of a device can have a significant impact on our brains. Our lives have become increasingly reliant on social media, and people nowadays use it as their primary mode of communication.

Social media also causes distractions; when you want to work on an article, that’s when you remember that you have to check out your crush’s snaps. It causes a setback in life if it is not properly managed.

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While the world would be at a much slower pace and less entertaining without social media, it has had both positive and negative consequences. It should be used with caution.

Use the internet to foster good relationships and most importantly, to drive an online presence. Don’t let people know you for dragging or as a social media junkie. Bring about balance!

Oluwatoyin Odunuyi
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