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Unlucky in Love: Single lady with a big nose sheds tears of solitude

  • Ammie Sweeshy, a woman on TikTok, recently opened up about her dating life.
  • She shared that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and it seems like men aren’t approaching her for relationships.
  • She mentioned that she believes her large nose might be a factor behind this.
  • In a heartfelt video she posted, you can see her big nose, and she appeared visibly upset when asked about her relationship status.

A young woman, who goes by the name Ammie Sweeshy on TikTok, recently shared her heartfelt frustration about her struggles to find a boyfriend, despite her strong desire to have a romantic partner.

She posted a tearful video response to a question from one of her TikTok followers who asked if she was currently in a relationship.

In the video, it’s apparent that she has a prominent nose, though she didn’t specify whether it’s a natural feature or a result of a medical condition.

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Unlucky in Love: Single lady with a big nose sheds tears of solitude

Ammie’s emotional video touched on her longing for a loving relationship, and she wished she could find a man who would appreciate her for who she is, big nose and all.

In other videos on her TikTok account, she often references her nose, but some viewers have been kind enough to reassure her that she remains beautiful despite her unique feature.

Social Media Reaction:

@dawgtreyna said: “Funny enough the nose actually fits you. You are still a fine girl though.”

@Princesseron commented: “Don’t worry, dear. Even those who have small noses, some don’t have. So yours will come and will be just as special as you.”

@THE FASTEST BAGGER said: “You’re so beautiful, don’t let what people say ruin you. I’m single in case you need a boyfriend, let me know.”

Watch video below:

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Lady in shock as she gets confronted by the wife of the man who told her he was single

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady named Chukwudi Somack Mmesoma has recounted her ordeal after she was confronted by the wife of a man who told her he was single. Mmesoma took to Facebook to share her experience, expressing a mix of emotions ranging from disbelief to amusement.

She disclosed that she had been in communication with a man named Ben, who had shown keen interest in her. Throughout their interaction, Mmesoma questioned Ben multiple times about his marital status, seeking assurance that he was not already married and Ben consistently reassured her that he was single and unattached, even swearing on his credibility.