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Why men are not romantic, popular pastor enlightens the public

  • Popular preacher enlightens the public on why men are not romantic.
  • He linked the lack of romance in men to the unrealistic standards set by women.
  • He advised that women should bring down their walls and quit looking out for specs in a man that are unrealistic.

A popular preacher enlightens the public on why men are not romantic.

In a viral video on TikTok, the preacher shared how women set unrealistic goals for themselves and how hard it is for the men to meet them.

First, he started with the ridiculous physical qualities set by most females – where they want the man to hail from, his complexion, height, etc.

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Why men are not romantic, pastor exposes

He firmly rebuked his congregation that the reason some of them have such specs or standards was because of their locked up minds. This will make them reject the one they are destined to be together with.

He also threw a jab at men who said the basis of marrying a wife must be that she is a very good cook. He sarcastically advised them to visit food stalls if they needed food.

The pastor went after everyone, leaving no gender untouched. His primary concern was that people make major the minor things and there was a need to set priorities right.

Because of the unwise standards people set, it is hard for their partners to please them with any form of romance, because they already are discontented with what the person looks like, what the person does or where the person hails from.

Below are comments from netizens as the pastor shared why men are not romantic;

@BábaJóe: “Despite not being a Christian,he’s my this man here is a role model for me, he’s very realistic and practical, he’s a preacher and a teacher.”

@Aimie: “My own criteria is be a Christian, it is not that hard. I want a man I can pray with.”

@idat_15: “Am a Muslim ,but listening to this pastor preach ,I fill like attending his program, to me its not about religion, he speaks on how to journey.”

Why men are not romantic

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