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Woman drags husband to court for refusing to take her to Saudi Arabia

A Nigerian woman, Karima Nuhu has taken her husband, Musa Falalu to court after he refused to fulfil his promise of taking her to Saudi Arabia.

The Kaduna-based woman shared this information in the court sitting on Tuesday, April 18 at Kaduna as she added that she has been married to her husband for four years and has been the one catering for herself after two months of their marriage.

According to her, she supported her husband to go to Saudi Arabia when he secured a job there with the promise that he was going to come back and take her to the country.

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The 45-year-old who sued her husband in the Shari’a court complained that ever since he left, she had been the one feeding herself adding that the money she had used to support him when he travelled was borrowed.

Karima Nuhu who was embittered explained that after he got what he wanted he now decided to divorce her.


Following her explanation, she was asked if she had any witnesses to prove what she had claimed but she said she didn’t but stated that if no one saw it, God sees it all.

The court decided to divorce the couple since her husband had denied all her words and told the woman that when she has a witness, they would listen to her claims.

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Man who spends N2m for bride price divorces wife 

Meanwhile, a man dropped many jaws after he shared that he took his ex-wife to court for an annulment after spending over 2 million to pay for her lobola in just after 3 years.

Lobola is an African custom where the bridegroom’s family makes a payment with cows or money shortly before their marriage.

The young man, Stha Mntlane Tomose, reacted to a post on Twitter where he explained that his ex-wife’s family requested a payment of over 2 million naira for her Lobola but 3 years later he took her to court to divorce.

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