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RIP to my kilishi- Young Nigerian lady travels to the US, airport security personnel confiscate her Kilishi package

  • A young Nigerian lady who was travelling together with her father to the United States arrived at the airport first.
  • Moyo Bakare claimed to have landed safely after having a layover in the UK before connecting to a different flight to the US.
  • However, security at the airport took Moyo’s kilishi from her and took it away when she arrived in the US.

A young Nigerian lady, Moyo Bakare bought Kilishi for her trip to US but she was unable to eat them.

Moyo Bakare visited Nigeria wanted to make her return USA, she made the decision to bring some kilishi with her when she returned to her base.

The kilishi, however, which she endured and had to fly from Nigeria to the US, is not something she will eat as it stands.

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Young Nigerian lady travels to the US

This is due to the fact that after she arrived in the USA, airport security confiscated the meat from her.

Moyo documented her journey from Nigeria to the USA in a video that was uploaded on TikTok.

Moyo left Nigeria and then connected to a another airline that would take her to the USA after she had a layover in the UK.

Her kilishi was taken away from her when she arrived in the USA, which made her sad.

She wrote:

“My trip was so long I’m still recovering. RIP to my kilishi.”

Social Media Reaction:

@chinaza commented: “First person at the airport woww.”

@Niffybanco said: “It’s better to get there early than late babe. Lagos traffic can’t be predicted.”

@Simon Siimons asked: “Did they give you back the Kilishi?”

@eby said: “ALL MY LIFE… I have never seen that airport close to empty.”

Watch the video Here:


My first voiceover 🙈. my trip was so long im still recovering😩 rip to my kilishi #nigeriatiktok

♬ original sound – Moyo Bakare

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