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Zubby Michael Biography: Age, Net worth, Phone Number, and ‘Death wish’

A quarter of the top 20 searches on Zubby Michael have death written all over them. And the blame is on him.

Who can chide his panicky fans for running to Google and asking ‘Is Zubby Michael still alive?’, ‘Is it true that Zubby Michael is late?’, Is Zubby Michael dead or alive?’, ‘What happened to Zubby Michael?’, etc. when the title of his movie is Death of Zubby Michael?

The movie is about a king who uses his gang to maltreat, torture, and kill his own subjects. Starring alongside Ugo King, Yankaba Michael, and a host of others, Zubby Michael plays the role of a freedom fighter. This two-part movie portrays his exploits in saving the lives of his people from the tyrannical king and his cohorts.

From what you have gleaned from the summary, isn’t the title rather odd? Many movies have dealt with the concept of death. But none have had the main character’s real name in the title like Death of Zubby Michael. At the very least, the threat of death hangs over the head of the protagonist and motivates his involvement in the story.

Life after Death and Diary of Death, both starring Yul Edochie, mirror this. Beyond Death, featuring Uju Okoli and Mike Godson is another example from Nollywood. Let’s look at Hollywood.

The 1995 film The Quick and the Dead sees a female gunfighter (Sharon Stone) return to town to avenge her father’s death. Her name wasn’t on the cover title like Death of Zubby Michael. When Robin Williams died in 2014, nobody searched for the details of his demise based on the movie Dead Poets Society.

Zubby Michael read Mass Communication, and we believe he came across the AIDA model which he must have used when scripting the Death of Zubby Michael. AIDA describes the four stages a buyer goes through before making a purchasing decision. The stages are attention, interest, desire, and action. Here, Google search is the last act.

This attention-grabbing move using death as a catchword makes Zubby Michael a genius. But then, there’s a fine line between genius and madness. That’s a story for another day.

Zubby Michael ‘predicts’ own death

We present Zubby Michael’s biography.


Who is Zubby Michael?

Zubby Michael (born Azubuike Michael Egwu) is a Nigerian actor and movie producer. In 2019, Willie Obiano, the governor of Anambra State, appointed him a Special Adviser on Media.

His roles in Three Windows, Royal Storm, and Professional Lady brought him to the limelight.

A Nollywood movie with scenes of violence, blood, pervasive language, some graphic nudity, drugs, and drinking is incomplete without him playing the leading role. You won’t be far from the truth if you call him BBN – Bad Boy of Nollywood. Move over, Jim Iyke!

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How old is Zubby Michael?

Zubby Michael was born on February 1st, 1985, and that makes him 38. He hails from Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State. He was, however, raised in Yola, Adamawa State, in a middle-class household by his working-class parents. His father was a business owner, while his mother was a teacher.

Zubby Michael is the second of six children. His siblings (two brothers and three sisters) are Mary ‘Slim sugar’ Egwu, Stanley Egwu, Chris Egwu, Cynthia Egwu, and Shelley Egwu.

Zubby Michael’s siblings

Zubby Michael’s mind goes back to his growing-up days. He praises the people from the north while recalling an unforgettable day in that part of the country.  

“Northerners are wonderful people. ” They are very lovable, especially those with open hearts,” he said.

“I remembered vividly, during my childhood days, on a fateful day, I drove my father’s car without his permission. Unfortunately, I didn’t know my father had arrived home when I got back, so I ended up smashing into another car in the compound in fear immediately, I saw my father.

“My dad gave me the beating of my life that day, after which I passed out and was revived with water. However, my parents are wonderful people.”

Yes, we all have wonderful parents!

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Zubby Michael: Education

He had his primary and secondary education in Yola, though we don’t know the identity of those schools. Thereafter, he proceeded to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, where he got a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Zubby Michael’s Career

According to him, he started acting in Yola when he was eight. Before he joined Nollywood, Zubby Michael was a television drama actor. He appeared in the TV series Coded Hussle, a popular drama aired in 2006.  

In the same year, he had his first big break in Nollywood when he starred as the lead actor in The Three Widows alongside Oge Okoye. The story frowns at bad traditional and cultural practices which should go into extinction, like dinosaurs.

Zubby Michael wasn’t out of his depth in the company of seasoned performers like Justice Esiri of blessed memory and Ngozi Ezeonu, to mention but two.

His sterling performance in The Three Widows earned him roles in other movies like Princess Rihanna, Implication, The Generals, Royal Storm, The Killer, and Stolen Love.

Last meeting featuring Zubby Michael

And his mind goes back to how it all began.

“It started at a club in Asaba where I met a producer who introduced me to the industry,” he said.

“That was what led to my playing a scene in Missing Rib. It was a remarkable experience working with stars like Ramsey Nouah and Tonto Dikeh, among others. Thereafter, Chidi Chijioke encouraged me into the world of acting.

“Ever since, I have played countless roles and produced a flick entitled 1st Hit starring Ngozi Ezeonu, Chiwetalu Agu, Nonso Diobi, Ebere Okaro, Junior Pope, Harry B Anyanwu and Terry G, among others.”

Over the years, he has played the role of a priest, a stubborn Prince, a lover, etc. Though his best comes when depicting a gangster. But don’t call him one-dimensional.

“I will describe myself as a special actor. My selling point is acting with shakara. In fact, I always put myself into the character I play,” he said.

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Zubby Michael’s Movies

He has appeared in several Nollywood films and TV series. Some of his famous movies are:

  • A Thousand Wars
  • Seed of Greatness
  • Enemy of Progress
  • The Return of Dangote
  • Flashback, Seed of Deception
  • Our Father’s Property
  • G4 The Money Men
  • Blood Feud
  • Son of No Man
  • Bad Omen, Burial Battle
  • Omo Ghetto: The Saga
  • Bastard Money
  • War for Love
  • Egg of Love
  • Audio Money
  • Hunchback Princess
  • Anayo China
  • Youngest Wife
  • Yahoo King
  • Pains of the Orphan
  • Shameless Sisters
  • Flashback
  • Boy Makes Money
  • The Return of Eze Ndi Ala
  • Afraid to Fall
  • Sound of Calamity
  • Haunted Bride
  • Omenka
  • Yahoo Shrine
  • Lack of Money
  • Throne of Terror
  • Made in South
  • Wasted Authority
  • Mama
  • Mr. Arrogant
  • Identical Twins
  • Dying of Thirst and a host of others.

Zubby Michael’s Awards and Recognitions

His dexterity on screen has been rewarded with several nominations. He has, however, won just a few awards. But better days are ahead. Here’s the roll call:

2011 – Most Promising Act (male) at Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) (Nominated)

2014 – Best New Actor of the Year (English) at the City People Movie Awards (Nominated)

2015 – Actor of the Year (Indigenous Films) at the Nigerian Entertainment Award (Nominated); Best Supporting Actor of the Year (English) at the City People Movie Awards (Nominated)

2018 – Best Actor of The Year (English) at the City People Movie Awards (Nominated); Movie Icon of the year at the South East Entertainment Award (Won); Nollywood Personality of the Year at the Nigerian MSMEs & Achievers Awards (Won)

2019 – Best Actor of the Year (Igbo) at the City People Movie Awards (Nominated); Best Lead Actor of the Year (English) at the Nigeria Achievers Awards (Nominated); Best Igbo Film of the Year at the City People Movie Awards (Nominated)

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Zubby Michael’s Net worth

His net worth is estimated at $9.6 million, making him one of the richest actors in Nigeria. He, however, says he’s the biggest in Nigeria and Africa.

“No cap. I’m the biggest actor in Africa for now. To God be the glory. No pride, no cap, Zubby is the biggest actor in Africa,” he said.

That smells like arrogance considering the heavyweights in the industry. It has to be arrogance and pride.

“You are free to think whatever,” he said.

“When you come close, you know that the young man is simple, but I don’t take nonsense. It’s not pride. People misinterpret self-awareness for pride. I don’t like drama… fewer friends, less drama.”

One drama keeps playing around him, though. Let’s put it as a question: What have you got to say about money laundering rumours?

“This is funny,” he said.

“I don’t launder money. My only source of income is acting and producing. Minus acting and movie business, I’m the CEO of A1 Movies. Don’t forget. I’m a business person. I’m not desperate for money. Yes, I love money, but I don’t worship money.”

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Zubby Michael’s Cars

After shooting into the limelight in 2006, he rewarded himself with a Toyota Camry. His choice of cars has since ‘improved’ as he grew in the industry. Now, he’s associated with luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz 4matic, Range Rover Sport, and Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

Zubby Michael’s net worth

Zubby Michael’s Houses

In 2018, he built a mansion worth hundreds of millions in Asaba, Delta State. Two years later, he got another, this time in Festac Town, Lagos.

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Zubby Michael’s Wife

He is currently single and has yet to walk down the aisle with a heartthrob. For many years, the world felt he had found the bone of his bone when he was involved in a relationship with Mary Okoye, the younger sister of Paul and Peter Okoye, aka P-Square. He was not up for the commitment, and they had to call it quits.

Ladies’ Man: Zubby Michael and his admirers

Zubby Michael’s Social Media Handles

You can connect with him on Instagram at @zubbymichael, on Twitter via @iamzubbymichael, and on Facebook as Zubby Michael.

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Zubby Michael’s Phone number

The name Zubby Michael pops up on True Caller when you type the number 09043313349. The same thing happens with 09043313344. We didn’t take it a step further by dialling the numbers. Maybe you can.

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Zubby Michael is still alive (as of March 2023). So, if you see the sequel of Death of Zubby Michael, know that he’s exhibiting the ingenuity in him. But then, there’s a thin line between genius and madness. As we said, that’s a story for another day.

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