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Bride collapses at bridal shower, tragically passes away a day before wedding

  • A Nigerian lady tragically passed away shortly before her wedding day.
  • According to reports, she reportedly passed out at her pre-wedding celebration and regrettably did not survive.
  • Due to Rebecca’s untimely death, many people have expressed their sincere condolences to her family on social media.

Nigerian lady, Rebecca Oyedotun, 28, fainted out during her pre-wedding party the day before her wedding.

Rebecca had just finished her studies at Minna’s Federal University of Technology. She was having a party with her friends to celebrate her upcoming wedding. But at about 10:30 pm, something terrible happened. She suddenly fell down.

Sadly, Rebecca never got to see her wedding day in Ogbomosho, Oyo State. She didn’t make it because she passed away in the hospital. It was a very sad ending to her story.

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Bride collapses at bridal shower, tragically passes away a day before wedding

She was quickly taken to LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso following a tragic event. Her health did not improve despite our best efforts to help her, and regrettably, she died away early on Sunday morning.

Adejhoke Pretty Hoyee, a close friend of the deceased, gathered with many other people to mourn their loss. She related the tragic tale of the woman who passed away after collapsing during her bridal shower and spending a lot of time in the hospital.

The lady who passed away had everything planned out before her sudden death, as shared by her sister-in-law.

On Wednesday, in the Caretaker area, the sister-in-law revealed this to Ogbomoso Online while the father of the deceased, Evangelist Moses Oyedotun, was present.

In the sister-in-law words;

“Yesterday was her wedding but unfortunately she just slump on her bridal shower and she was in hospital throughout yesterday so now she’s gone. Rebecca rip.”

“Everything was set by Friday, the cows had been killed and the meat fried, every necessary preparation was made, there were a lot of people coming and going to rejoice with us, the groom and his people had come from Abeokuta,”

“We had bought ewedu to be used, ingredients had been ground, and in the morning of Saturday, amala (yam flour paste) was made, rice was ready, the venues were set, but the ceremony was never held as the bride was never available.”

Social Media Reaction:

Emmarlis Maa Kaa Naa: “Haaaaaaa she later die 😭😭😭😭😭 rest on”

Michael Oluwabamidele: “RIPP”

Ifeoluwa Akindele: “Why so soon sister Rebecca 😭😢
So painful 😭😭😭😭”

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Bride displayed joy as the groom removed her wedding veil

In another news, a video showcased the groom’s gentle act of unveiling his bride’s face during the traditional veil ceremony.

As he revealed her radiant smile and playful wink, the moment became even more heartwarming, eliciting a smile from the groom as well.

The video’s popularity skyrocketed, with countless TikTok users expressing their admiration for the couple’s sense of humor, undeniable chemistry, and the joy they brought to each other through this simple yet meaningful gesture.