HomeTechGhana-made super electric bikes made from spoilt laptop batteries

Ghana-made super electric bikes made from spoilt laptop batteries

  • A young man invented Ghana-made super electric bikes from spoilt laptop batteries.
  • Series of experiments had been carried out before bringing this invention to the notice of the public who welcomed the invention wholeheartedly.
  • Netizens were impressed by this innovative work.

A young Ghanaian, Lawrence Adjei added to his innovation as he came up with an amazing invention like the Ghana-made super electric bikes.

Electric bicycles or e-bikes are equipped with electric devices activated to assist or replace peddling providing more benefits, faster, avoids traffic congestions and are mostly non pollutant.

Batteries such as Lithium ion, lithium cobalt batteries, led acid, lithium manganate, and lithium ion polymer batteries as the accessories.

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Ghana-made super electric bikes made from spoilt laptop batteries

Ghana-made super electric bikes 

Report has it that Lawrence is known to be the first Ghanaian to make such invention from spoilt laptop batteries

Netizens were impressed by the new invention from the young man, while a friend of his came out to confirm that the experience was totally different and soothing.

@yaw.kdouglas4047: “I know what Ghana boy can do! What is the government doing to help?”

@Maureen: “He is a living proof and treasure of the geniuses of Ghanaians/African people just like the days of old. They must be protected and supported.”

@kwabenaagyekum9250: “Congratulations Lawrence. I hope that your products are already on sale? How can I get one to buy? Where? The cost? I wish i could get your number”

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