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Sope otilor: Lady attends interview, meets nice guy she dumped years ago as the interviewer

A young lady named Rylie Jouett incidentally ran into a man she dumped many years ago at a job interview that she desperately needed.

The 25-year-old narrated that it became awkward after the young man she had ‘history’ with called to schedule an interview and realised who she was. He wanted to refer her to someone else to interview her to avoid conflicts of interest.

However, Rylie Jouett insisted that he be the one to interview her, insisting that they are both adults and should move past what had happened between them in the past.

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“Karma is the nastiest b*** I have ever met because six years ago when I was 19, I ghosted the nicest guy who had the best intentions for me, and tell me why he’s the person that’s interviewing me for a job that I desperately need,” she said in a TikTok video.

How did the interview go?

Meanwhile, in a subsequent video, she narrated how nervous she was while going for the interview. She was on her way to the interview but wasn’t sure if it would be the man she had ghosted that would interview her or another person.

Rylie Jouett later updated her followers in another TikTok video stating that she got the job but wasn’t sure whether to take it because the pay was way lower than her expectation for the role of a barrister in the organisation.

She, however, admitted that the job was just 30 minutes away from her residence but feels the man holds grudges and the job doesn’t have enough pros compared to cons.  

“He did offer me the job I think. He wants to set me up for an orientation next week. I’m very unsure considering the location is 30 minutes from my house and it’s half the amount of pay that I was expecting,” she added.

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19-year-old lady cries out after her man dumped her

Meanwhile, a young lady shared her healing journey on social media after her boyfriend of four years broke up with her.

The 19-year-old shared on TikTok that she assumed her ex-boyfriend was her soulmate but was shocked when he dumped her.

According to her, the young man left her for someone else, and she has suffered from anxiety and sometimes depression depending on her Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

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