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Nigerian lady invents smart bra capable of detecting breast cancer

  • A young Nigerian lady who is also a robotics and embedded system engineer came up with a smart bra.
  • This invention started after she lost a loved one to cancer in the year 2017 and officially started working on the bra in the year 2019.
  • The bra was launched in February 2022, with the encouragement of other medical personnel.

A young Nigerian robotic and embedded systems engineer identified as Kemisola Bolarinwa designed a smart bra to help women know their cancer status.

Statistics showed that in the year 2020, over 2 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer and about and about 685,000 women died as a result of the cancer.

The inventor, Kemisola Bolarinwa decided to embark on the journey after she lost a loved one to the cold hands of cancer.

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She realized that early detection is key to treating breast cancer and together with her team, they came up with a variable solution.

Nigerian lady invents smart bra capable of detecting breast cancer

Smart bra, the way forward

In an interview with Channels Television, she said: “we came up with a smart bra device to detect the early stage. Aside from detecting that, it will also check for abnormality in the breast, it will monitor the daily condition of a patient that has already been diagnosed with Breast cancer, maybe someone that has already been treated for breast cancer, the bra could also be used to monitor such a patient.”

The journey started in 2019 and after two years of research and development, Kemisola launched the first prototype in February 2022.

According to her, the research garnered a lot of supporters from a lot of people, especially those in the medical field, who encouraged and contributed as well. 

The smart bra was born using ultrasound technology.

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