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Port Harcourt Postal Code (River State)

While filling out online forms, or maybe physical ones, you’re often asked about your residence Postal code. If you’re in Port Harcourt or its environs, you can know your postal code by reading this article.

Port Harcourt Postal Code
The City of Port Harcourt

Postal code is also known as ZIP code or PIN code. It is important in delivering mail or any other deliverables. It is like an address verification code.

You should always know the postal code of your residential area because the postal code differs from place to place. If you try to guess the code, you’ll get it all wrong.

However, if you’re in Port Harcourt or its environs, you no longer need to guess your postal code. This article will help you know exactly the exact digits of your postal code.

Port Harcourt Postal Code

Port Harcourt Postal Code
Personal data section of an application form

Port Harcourt City is the fifth largest city in Nigeria. It is also the capital of Rivers State and its largest city. As one of the local government areas of Rivers State, it is located in the South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

This City has a lot of streets, roads, and bypasses. You can expect to have more than one Postal code for a metropolis like Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt Postal code starts with 500101 and ends with 500272; the facility code starts with 500001 and ends with 500008.

Check out your postal code below.


Amadi Flat Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal code
1.Alabo Opia Street500251
2.Arocchukwu Street500251
3.Asaba Street 500251
4.Atali Street500251
5.Calabar Street500251
6.Flyover Street500251
7.Macauley Street500251
8.Nzimiro Street500251
9.Ogoja Street500251
10.Paris Jones Street500251

Boro Kiri Postal Code

s/nLocationPostal code
1.Andoni Street500244
2.Bori Street500244
3.Chief Oju Daniel500244
5.Etche Street500244
6.Harold Wilson Drive500244
7.Kolokuma Street500244
8.Nembe Street500244
9.Okarki Street500244
10.Rex Lawson Street500244
11.Rumuokuroushe street500244
12.Sandfill Phase I500244
13.Sandfill Phase II500244
14.Sandfill Phase III500244

D-line Environs Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Agudama Street500261
2.Amaigbo Street500261
3.Asinobi Street500261
4.Emekuku Street500261
5.Ina Obasi Street500261
6.Kaduna Street 500261
7.Khana Street 500261
8.Mbonu Street 500261
9.Okoroji Street500261
10.Omoku Street500261
11.Premabiri Street500261
12.Wogu Street500261


Diobu Mile 1 Environs Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Abba Street 500262
2.Abakilika Street500262
3.Abonnema Rd500262
4.Afikpo Street 500262
5.Agree Street500262
6.Akokwa Street500262
7.Awkuzu Street500262
9.Ikot Ekpene500262
10.Ikwerre Road500262
11.Nanka Street500262
12.Niemanze Street500262
1e.Nssuka Street500262
14.Obodu Street500262
15.Ogwa Street 500262
16.Ojike Street500262
17.Okija Street500262
18.Orlu Street500262
19.Udi Street 500262
20.Urualla Street500262
21.Uyo Street500262
22.Agip Road500262
23.Ebira Road 500262
24.Epirikom Street500262
25.Express Way500262
26.Road A500262
27.Road B500262
28.Road C500262
29.Uni Tech. Road500262

Diobu Mile 2 Environs Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Abel Jumbo500263
2.Adelabu Street500263
3.Anozie Street 500263
4.Echua Street500263
5.Gambia Street 500263
6.Ihidionma Street500263
7.Lumumba Street500263
8.Ojoto Street 500263
9.Timber Street 500263


Diobu Mile 3 Environs Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Azikiwe Street 500264
2.Chigbu Street 500264
3.Ejigini Street500264
4.Eji -Ogbu Street500264
5.Ekwe Street500264
6.Obaziolu Street500264
7.Obunda Street500264
8.Odunze Street500264
9.School Road500264
10.Wokoma Street500264

Diobu Mile 4 Environs Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Customs and Ecise500265
2.National Council of Women 500265
3.Nursing School500265
4.Prisons Headquarters500265
5.Specialist Hospital 500265

Ikwerre Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Ikwerre Road500272
2.NTA 500272

Mgbuoba Postal Code

s/nLocation Postal Code
1.Phase I500271
2.Phase II500271
3.Phase III500271
4.Eprikom Street500271
5.Ikegwuru Rd.500271
6.Ikwerre Road500271
7.Road C500271
8.Rumuokuwuta Rd500271


s/nLocationPostal code
1.Phase I500271
2.Phase II500271
3.Phase III500271


New Layout 

s/nLocationPostal code
1.Bishop Johnson Street 500243
2.Capt. Amangala Street500243
3.Gelsthorpe Street500243
4.Ibadan Street 500243
5.King Jaja Street500243
6.Moorehouse Street 500243
7.Ndoki Street500243
8.Onitsha Street 500243

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s/nLocationPostal code
1.Abana Street 500241
2.Agina Avenue 500241
3.Akomas Street500241
4.Allagoa Ave500241
5.Ebunine Street500241
6.Ernest Ikoki Street500241
7.Force Avenue500241
8.Graham Avenue 500241
9.Harley Street500241
10.Inikere Street500241
11.Miller Street500241
12.Umuahia Street500241
13.William Jumbo Street500241
14.Wokekoro Street500241

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Old Township 

s/nLocationPostal code
1.Accra Street500242
2.Aggery Street500242
3.Ahoada Street500242
4.Asaba Street500242
5.Azikiwe Road500242
6.Banham Street 500242
7.Barracks Road500242
8.Bathurst Road500242
9.Bende Street500242
10.Bernard Carr Street500242
11.Bobby Street 500242
12.Bori Street 500242
13.Brass Street 500242
14.Churchill Road500242
15.Creek Road500242
16.Crowther Street500242
17.Degema Street500242
18.Diobu Street500242
19.Elliot Henry Street500242
20.Enugu Street 500242
21Freetown Street 500242
22Henshaw Street 500242
23Hospital Road 500242
24Industry Road500242
25Isaac Boro Street500242
26Jos Street500242
27Kano Street 500242
28Lagos Street 500242
29Market Road500242
31Niger Street 500242
32Okrika Street 500242
33Opobo Street500242
34Paris Jones Street500242
35Sokoto Street 500242
36Station Road500242
37Tokoradi Street500242
38Victoria Street500242



s/nLocationPostal code
2.Shell Club500211
3.Shell Residential 500211
5.Woji Housing Estate500211

Rural Locations

s/nLocationPostal code
6.Orada Diobu500101
9.Rainbow location 500101
11.Runiu Kalgbo500101

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FAQs about the Port Harcourt Postal Code

What is Port Harcourt code?

The postal code for Port Harcourt varies from place to place within the city. However, the Port Harcourt postal code begins at 500101 and ends at 500272

What is the postcode for Rivers State?

There is no one general postal code for rivers state. Rather than the exact location, you need the postal code. You can check through the article above.

Is Port Harcourt a town or city?

Port Harcourt has the features of both a town and a city. You can refer to her as both.

What is the capital of Port Harcourt?

Port Harcourt is the State Capital of Rivers State. It is the largest city in Rivers State, it is also the fifth largest in Nigeria.

Different places in the same city of Port Harcourt have different postal codes. Make sure you check your postal code before filling out any forms.

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