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Teacher receives mindblowing romantic letter from student

A love letter received by a secondary school teacher from a male student revealed his heartfelt emotions, confessing that his brain seemed to halt in the presence of the teacher.

The student admitted to feeling a lack of confidence in directly approaching the teacher, choosing instead to convey his affection through a written expression of love.

Captioning the video, she said, “Umunnem just negodi what I saw on my table yesterday. Umuazi kita don’t have respect bikonu. My teaching practice story.”

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Your beauty is killing me seriously

The romantic letter read; “Aunty Chioma, This might sound strange to you but I mean every word. From the first time I saw you in school, it was as if my brain cell stopped working.

Each time I see you it will be as if smoke is coming out from my eyes. Your beauty is killing me seriously. Although I am still in secondary school, I have plans of becoming a rich man.

I know you will say I am a small boy but let me tell you when you are in love age does not matter. I am becoming very useless all because I keep thinking of you.

Each time I close my eyes I see your picture. Please consider my request and make me useful for once.”

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My Teachers Told Me I’ll Never Become Anything In Life – Ayra Starr

In other news, Ayra Starr opened up about her struggles in high school, revealing that her female teachers told her she would never amount to anything in life.

The “Rush” crooner narrated how her female teachers used to gather around her, punish her, and speak ill of her just because she painted one of her fingernails pink.

Despite the harsh treatment she received, Ayra remained resolute and was always confident that she would make it in life, despite her tears.

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