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Wife with brains: Nigerian married woman living in UK explains how she survives

Opeyemi Adetunji, a Nigerian woman who moved to the United Kingdom, has shared her survival strategy with social media users.

 A psychologist and fashion enthusiast, Opeyemi cooks large quantities of food and divides them into smaller portions, which she then stores in the freezer.

In a TikTok video, Opeyemi demonstrated how she prepared various meals, such as fried meats, jollof rice, and spaghetti, before packing them into small resealable bags. 

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How I survive in the UK as a wife

She explained that she defrosts and heats up the pre-prepared meals whenever she wants to eat.

While some people expressed concern that freezing the meals would affect their taste, Opeyemi disagreed, stating that she has not noticed any difference in taste. Her approach has garnered mixed reactions from viewers.

Reactions: what if Nepa take light ohhh na UK 

Many people praised for her smart move and others also shared their own experience too. Here are some of them 

@comfortibanga:frozen rice doesn’t taste good again except u refrigerate it in the fridge not in freezer

@doscarpride: i just did this today. it tastes as good as new if you cooked your rice well. and yes i am in Nigeria. ziplock bags helps with the preservation better

@iam_predi: If u allow it defrost by itself completely and add little vegetable oil to a pan then warm on little heat… trust me it will be too sweet✌?

@cindie_centia:Even for Nigeria naso me and my family take Dey survive ??

@jalpari886: I wish I have a husband who doesn’t moan about one day old food and eat without fuss then I could be a successful entrepreneur

@giftigharo: I was going to say what if nepa takes light?? then I remember say na only my country Dey run am??

@ecabbiesconnect: Make sure the heat cools down before you tie them up on the plastic okay.

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Oyinbo woman expertly pounds palm fruit in viral video

In another story, A video of an Oyinbo woman expertly and meticulously pounding a cooked palm fruit has left many netizens praising her on social media.

In the video that was shared on TikTok, the white woman was captured pounding a palm fruit outside of their house with a mortar and pestle.

Palm Fruit in Africa aside from being used to extract palm oil can also be used to cook stew or soup called ‘Banga‘ or ‘Ofe Akwu.’

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