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You will never regret dating me -Netizens reacts as Nigerian lady leaks chat

A young Nigerian lady revealed her WhatsApp conversation with a married man who had been chasing her.

@titilayo64 took to her twitter account to expose her conversation with the man stating that she had assumed it was over, but the man kept begging her to date him.

The man admitted his affections for her, told her he was married, vowed to treat her like a queen and that he loved her.

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He believed she would not regret dating him. He made it clear that while he wasn’t promising her the heavens and the earth, he would do his best to help her.

The woman kept responding to his texts with “hello” throughout the chat she shared.

Social Media reactions:

The post garnered a lot of views as Netizens reacted to the post;

@ichiBACK1 said: “You think it’s a flex posting this chat here…you clearly enjoying this ….you indirectly cheating with the man …the right thing to do is to block him not this!”

@timipushme said: “I will treat you like a Queen and his wife is at home treated like a trash or less queen or what I love the part he said he will put you in a position of sister awon sister brother bestie somtin won fe la e ni oooo won fe fi sister brother ko e ni Omi Obe je.. osiwin.”

@OAgbama said: “A finished man with oneistis syndrome. “Shola, plz deliver him.”

@GinjarTheGOAT said: “Wahala x10000 make i arrange sojo to carry am for you?”

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Men are dating the body while women are dating the pocket – Soso Soberekon

In other news, music director and talent manager, Soso soberekon has expressed his opinion regarding the increasing number of failed relationships in our society.

He declared that being in a relationship for these reasons is a recipe for failure and misery as everybody is out to benefit from the other by whatever means.