HomeTechGhanaian engineer builds impressive automobiles with scrap materials 

Ghanaian engineer builds impressive automobiles with scrap materials 

  • Ghanaian engineer Inventor 1 has posted a video on social media showing his homegrown impressive automobiles. 
  • In the video, the talented creator shows off a number of vehicles, including a Jeep Wrangler, a Mini Cooper, and other vintage vehicles. 
  • While many online users applauded his exceptional abilities, one person in the comments section inquired as to the price of the one for Bush.

Asidu Abudu, a Ghanaian engineer known as Inventor 1, has displayed his homegrown automobiles, which include a Jeep Wrangler, and other classic cars. 

The talented inventor gained notoriety in 2019 as his concepts catapulted him to social media fame.

When images of a unique car he had designed went viral on social media, it occurred. Inventor 1 was spotted zipping around town in the stunning, vintage-inspired vehicle.


In a recent video, the entrepreneur from Tarkoradi in Ghana’s Western Region showed off a mower and vintage cars.

In one of the video clips, he is seen operating one of the vintage cars, which, in his estimation, can go for five hours on a single gallon of petrol. 

The vintage car features a customised licence plate with his name, Inventor 1, just like most of his vehicles do.

Ghanaian engineer builds impressive automobiles with scrap materials 

Ghanaian engineer goes big

Along with creating autos, the industrious inventor also created food vending machines, vehicle tracking systems, and tools for crushing cassava (fufu). 

Many online users were impressed by the new video in which the Ghanaian engineer showcases his innovations.

Alhaji Wildanf asked: “How much is one for Bush?”

Joe Ans commented: “President Mahamah must hear this ooo. One for the campaign. Nothing is loving what you do.”

Don Sootee posted: “He’s a happy man, after all. You can see clearly that he is passionate about what he’s doing.”

Prince Owusu commented: “He’s excellent, talented, and gifted, but the country is not helping him.”

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Nigerian man bags first class in electrical engineering

Meanwhile, a brilliant Nigerian man named Abdulmajid Abimbola Adesokan has emerged as the best-graduating student of his department after he bagged a first class Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree.

He was awarded the best-graduating student of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of the university after scoring the highest grade point of 3.73/4.00.

Abdulmajid shared his achievement on social media, introducing himself as a Graduate Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (GMNSE). 

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