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100 Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

Saying good night in a special way to him is one of the best things you can do for your long-distance relationship. Check out these well-crafted romantic Good Night messages for him, and thank me later.

Good Night Messages For Him
Young woman sending text message as her boyfriend sleeps in the bed.

It’s already bad enough for some guys that you aren’t there with them. They feel the effects of distant relationships. A sweet good night message will definitely soothe his needs.

Send him something sweet, romantic, crazy, hot, or whichever genre he prefers. I mean, your guy will be flattered knowing how much you love him.

Guys want to read those love messages too!

So, whether you are happily married, timely engaged, or merrily dating. You sure can use one of the good night messages in this article to spin things.

You don’t have to be a pro. Read through the messages below, get the one that will suit him well, and send it. You can modify it too if you like.

100 Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

Good Night Messages For Him
Beautiful girl texting on her bed

Stop that regular “goodnight boo” you always say, it’s getting boring. Spice it up, and tell your husband or boyfriend good night in a special way.

Also, try to continue this habit and send a unique good night message to him every night. This is one of the ways to improve your relationship

Here we go!

Sweet Dreams Messages For Him

  1. You live in my heart – tonight, tomorrow, and forever. Sweet dreams, my love.
  2. You are always on my mind, the last thing I think about before I fall asleep, the first thing I remember when I wake up.  Sweet dream sweetheart
  3. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams from the bottom of my heart.
  4. From one heart in love to another, sweet dream, my best friend
  5. I hope you can feel my love as you sleep this night because I can feel your kiss right now. Sweet dream, my love
  6. Nothing in the whole world can be compared to how much I love you. Kisses, sweet dream Mr Handsome
  7. I wish you were here holding me tight. That’s how I feel secure through the night. Sweet dreams and a pleasant night.
  8. I hope you can hear my heartbeat, even though you’re far away. They say gently how much I love you. I miss you boo, good night
  9. Let our last conversation today be the lullaby that sings you to bed. Good night my favourite friend
  10. When I think of you, I smile seamlessly. You’re always on my mind. Sweet dreams dearest
  11. I love you and I cherish you. Sleep well, Prince Charming 
  12. I’m thinking about you, you are probably doing the same. I love you
  13. I want to be everything I can be to you, I want to be your pillow. That way you can touch me through the night. Sleep well dear
  14. Good night babe, but not goodbye. I want to be by your side through the night.
  15. You’re that voice I hear that calms my stress, you’re my energy, my pride, and I always crave your smiles. Good night my heart
  16. I hope you have a perfect sleep as good as your smiles. Sweet dreams dear.
  17. Never knew love was this strong. I still feel connected to you even when we are in different worlds. Sleep tight sweet
  18. Even on the darkest night, your love brightens my heart. I wish you were here. Good night dear
  19. Nobody makes me smile better than you do.
  20. Every night I retire to sleep, I make a thanks list. You’re always topping it. Thank you for loving me.
  21. I hope you will be in my dreams tonight, that way I don’t have to worry about nightmares
  22. Knowing you are the best thing that ever happened to me.
  23. I haven’t missed anyone, the way I miss you now. Sleep well
  24. You make my life brighter. I can’t wait till morning to see you again. Sleep well
  25. There are no nightmares once I hear your voice. 


Crazy Good Night Messages for Him

  1. I just remembered how we first met. Thank God you didn’t run away, you’re the best thing that happened to me. Good night my love
  2. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! I hope your night doesn’t get too dark without me by your side.
  3. I was just about to fall asleep, and then I remembered how handsome you are! Now I can’t sleep!
  4. You’re weird, but I like the way you stared at me today. ? I love you even more babe, good night.
  5. I would rather get stranded with you on Mars than live without you on earth. I miss you, babe.
  6. I promise you, next time we hug, I won’t let you go again. See how much I miss you now. Good night love
  7. I love always to love you. It’s the safest thing I’ve done. Good night My bright and shiny Amor
  8. I think I’ve gone crazy about you. I miss you. Good night
  9. You’re my full love episode, and I’m happy I met you. Sleep well. Mi Amor
  10. I love you every millisecond. I hope you won’t be bored if I say that many times.
  11. Dear boyfriend. Did you give me a love portion? Because I can’t sleep without you
  12. I think it’s over the joy that I can’t let me sleep. Sleep well
  13. Let’s love to the moon and never come back, babe. Forever with you. Good night.
  14. On another end of the world, there’s this girl who has fallen in love with you so deeply. 
  15. You’ve won the trophy of the best boyfriend in the world, and you deserve it. You’re more than I can wish for. Have a splendid night’s rest.
  16. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I see you. See you tomorrow, my lover.
  17. If you were paid for loving me, you’d have gotten to the peak of your career with countless promotions. Thank you, babe.
  18. Since I met you, I’ve fallen in love countlessly. But always with you. Good night sweetheart
  19. You’ve entered my heart, broken my walls, and now all I think of is you.
  20. One thing in my life I’m sure I’ve done right is to love you.
  21. I’m like a sunless garden without your love. I miss you
  22. When I’m with you, I don’t need anything to change. You’re just my perfect man.
  23. I hope you receive this message showing how much I love you. Goodnight
  24. I love you. If they were better words to explain that, I’d have used them. I love you, good night
  25. I always think about you every moment. Thank you for loving me


Hot Goodnight Messages for Him 

  1. I want to confess something – every night before going to sleep, I think about you and smile, kiss your pictures, and daydream about you. Good night, hottie!
  2. I remember your warm hugs and passionate kisses. I want to sleep in your arms. Good night sweet 
  3. Years of being with you have taught me how age deepens love. Good night my best friend.
  4. I hope we share the same thoughts on each other tonight. I love you, dear.
  5. I hope this text steals your fears and replaces them with my voice in your head, do have a good night’s rest.
  6. My heart is perfect because you’re in it. Good night sweetheart
  7. You do so well tending the garden of my heart. I want to fall in love with you more. Sweet deals
  8. I can’t stop thinking about you today, tomorrow, and forever. Sleep well boo
  9.  Words are too feeble to explain what I feel. 
  10. I’ve got a wide smile on my lips this night because of you. Good night
  11. The number of stars perfectly describes how much I love you. I love you beyond a measure
  12.  My love for you is past the mind, beyond my heart, and into my soul.
  13. I’ve finally found my paradise in you. You’re the best, good night
  14. Loving you is so relaxing, with no pride, no insecurities. I love you 
  15. Take my heart because I am so clumsy, and I am afraid I just might lose it.
  16. I love the way you make me laugh. It comes right out of my heart, and so does my love for you. Sleep well
  17. You’re my friend, my best friend, my lover, my everything. Good night sweetheart
  18. If your love is magic, I want to remain spellbound with you forever. Good night my love
  19. I wish you were here, or there or together anywhere. I miss you, my amor
  20. Even if I sent you a blank page, I’m sure you’ll know what I want to say. I love you, good night
  21. I read it in novels, but now I feel it in my heart. Wow, it’s even better. Thank you for loving me.
  22. In my mind, you’re right here with me. I can hear your whisper and feel your breath. Good night
  23. Your love is like the wind. Although I can’t see it, I can feel it. Sweet dreams
  24. There’s just both of us this night. Our hearts beat in the same rhythm of love
  25. Everybody has an addiction. Mine just happens to be you. – Unknown


Romantic Good Night Love Messages for Him

  1. Goodnight, Mr Handsome. I hope all your dreams come true the way you’ve made mine come true too. I love you, babe
  2. I wish you were by my side. I will not fail to kiss you good night, but until you’re here. Good night man of my dreams
  3. Loving you is all I could wish for. Nothing else comes so close. I love you more.
  4. As I stare at our picture, I notice how much we fit so well. I love you, good night
  5. Knowing we are sleeping under the same moonlight is exhilarating, and I want to share all my nights with you. Good night sweetheart 
  6. I hope I dream about you tonight. That way it will be my best dream. I love you
  7. All the stars are out, they shine so brightly, but your love shines even brighter. Sweet dreams.
  8. You’ve got the perfect smile that melts my heart mi, Amor. Good night.
  9. Half of the world may be engaged in work or sleeping, but there are just two special people that see this message
  10. You are very precious to me, I can’t wait till I can share every night with you.
  11. Although we can’t share a bed tonight or I can’t hear your breath, I’m happy we can share the moonlight. Good night.
  12. Every day, I sleep hoping to wake up in your arms, when I do it’s more than a million Roses. I love you.
  13. You’ve made me feel special. With you, I realize what true love feels like. Thank you for being there 
  14. You’re the reason I want to wake up to another day. Have a perfect night, just like your love
  15. I’ve sealed my heart with yours. I promise to love you forever. Goodnight sweetheart
  16. I couldn’t sleep thinking about us. We look so fine together in this picture here. I love you, babe
  17. Like the oceans love the shore, like the bee loves the flower. I love you always. Good night
  18. There is a special box in my heart with lots of love for you. It’s filled. I can never run out of love for you forever. Good night.
  19. Have a dream just as sweet as you. Sweet Dreams
  20. As wide as the clouds, as intense as the sun, and as countless as the stars. I love you so much.
  21. When I’m with you, my whole world pauses and waits. I miss you, good night
  22. If I had you and lost every other thing, I’d have gained more. Good night dear
  23. I hope to start my day one day with you staring at me. That will be the happiest day of my life.
  24. One thought of you can put me to sleep with a wide smile on my face. You’re my everything. Good night
  25. You’re my sunshine, and even on gloomy days, you even shine brighter. Sleep well.


If you like to keep your distant relationship flourishing, send out any of these sweet good night messages to him and let him feel loved. 

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