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How To Spot A Gigolo

Ashawo na your mate?! Just like hoes (yes, the farming tool), gigolos are a dime a dozen. Spotting a gigolo in any environment is profoundly easy if you follow the rules in this article.

What Is A Gigolo?

A gigolo is basically a s3x worker. The only difference between a gigolo and a ho is that the former is male. Or did you think prostitution was a profession reserved solely for a particular gender? How s3xist of you. A gigolo, like his female counterpart, caters to women in need of s3xual intimacy or, at the very least, companionship.

Remember Cassanova? Oh, if ever there was a king of gigolos. As a lady or even a man (because these days you never know), there is a high chance of you encountering a gigolo at least once in your lifetime, whether you realize it or not.

It is very easy to find a gigolo. You could see them in the mall, you could see them in the park, you could see them at the bus stop. And mostly you can find them online. In fact, that is their central hub. Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or even dating sites like Tinder and Badoo.

In this article, we will discuss ways that you can spot a gigolo anywhere. Though the case may not be the same for all gigolos, these are general signs that you will discover if you pay attention to detail.

This article will help you single them out from the masses, and give you enough grounds to judge all the men approaching you in the name of love. After reading this article, you will know how to identify a gigolo from afar.

7 Surefire Ways How To Spot A Gigolo

They Are Smooth Talkers

If it is charm you seek, they reek of it. A gigolo, unlike many, knows how to use his tongue. And I’m not just talking about cunnilingus.

A gigolo knows how to use words to create the intended effect. He is fascinating and attentive. He listens and pays compliments, having discovered with use which of his well-polished lines get the best response. You could even call him manipulative because he knows how to read the situation and put things in his favor.

He can spot vulnerabilities in women, which include loneliness, heartbreak, depression, and sorrow. He might come off as a helper, but for some of them, the reality is they want to help themselves to your money.

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They Dress To Kill

A gigolo is always impeccably dressed in designer suits. Well-heeled women like their lovers to look well so they can show them off to friends, but this is strictly not a case of ‘the suit maketh the man.’ Generally, men do not have to reveal much to get attention. Just look neat in a three-piece suit and you’re good.

Every gigolo knows this, and that’s why you can never catch them going out of style when it comes to their dress code.

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They Are Party Animals

A gigolo’s watchword is opportunity, and for that reason, you can find him in all the right places at the right times. These include the most exclusive nightclubs, spas, and resorts frequented by wealthy women. He’ll be the only one at the end of the bar sending the finest champagne your way.

If that happens, do check your bill before you leave, because he’ll probably have put the drinks on your tab.

They Are s3x Experts

Practice makes perfect, people always say. And what else does a gigolo spend time doing if not for some …? Well, I’m sure you get the memo.

A gigolo is very good at s3x from plenty of practice. He is skilled at spotting anxieties and vulnerabilities and knows how to use them to his advantage. The gigolo will play lonely, needy women like a fiddle. He will show you things that you don’t know your body is capable of, and when he is done, your brain might not fully active enough to put up any defense when he asks you to fund his account.

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They Always Need Money

A gigolo loves money like a drunkard loves whiskey, and the sad irony is that they usually never have much of it. You can find a gigolo wearing the finest shows and driving the finest cars but ask him to show you his bank account and he’ll come up blank … just like his account!

And because he is broke, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. No, not your ravishing body, dummy — your money!

They Are Attention Whores

Ten minutes into the conversation and he can’t put his phone down or stop taking alluring pics? He’s a gigolo. His Instagram is full of thirst traps? Gigolo. If you’re looking for a serious committed relationship, he is not the one. Run, sister. Run for the hills.

A guy who is always teasing his followers with his assets is a gigolo. He is not necessarily doing it for likes or comments, though a good following increases the chances of getting contacted for his services. He’s doing it for his clients, and they know themselves.

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They Have Lavish Lifestyles

He drives a fancy car. The nightclubs are his second home. You always find him around wealthy women. A gigolo is attuned to luxury, the fine things in life. You will never find him moping in less-than-ostentatious places, or with impoverished masses. He has a target, the rich and affluent, and that’s where he makes his base; among the lonely but wealthy women ever ready to entertain him.

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A Word From Battabox On Gigolos

There you have it. You have learned the ways to spot a gigolo in any crowd. I urge you to take these tips to heart so you can screen them from a mile away and hastily make your exit.

If you have any questions, let us know below.

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