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Love is blind: Nigerian man laments over journey experience to his bride’s house

A Nigerian man has shared his traumatic experience as he journeyed to his bride’s family house in the village with his friends.

A video that was posted on TikTok captured the length at which a young Nigerian man went to meet his wife-to-be family in preparation for their wedding.

The young man and his crew started the journey but almost regretted it because of the bad roads.

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The groom and his friends took two cars that had difficulty driving through the mud, and they had no choice but to push the car.

The young men removed their stained clothes and stripped down their boxers to drive through the bad roads. They cleaned up after getting to the better parts of the road and continued their journey.

Reactions: You for wait for dry season

The experience of the groom and his friend had a lot of netizens laughing. While many mentioned that he did it for love, others said he should have visited them during the dry season. See some comments below;

@perpetuaog: if Una reach there Una baff first before any other thing ???

@OluTimmy33: Na Lagos all these girls go Dey live ooo…until there introduction day .. Dem go take you where car go spoil ??

@Sha???Lom: U for wait for Dry season na ?sorry ?

@Tessy bea??: Marry who near u Abeg me I will never take this kin risk ?

@Susanjb57: una for just hire trailer??

@Jess: love is blind…. Go introduction during dry season lol…. e get why ?

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Nigerian groom storms out of wedding due to extortion

Meanwhile, a groom angrily left his own engagement ceremony because the bride’s family demanded for maggi and malt.

The journalist who made a video of this issue stated that the bride’s family complained that some demands in the bride price list were not provided.

The groom, who must have been fed up with their demands, stormed out of the ceremony.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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