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From POS operator to cab driver: Young lady shares inspiring story of her friend

A Nigerian lady has shared a story on Twitter about her friend who was able to buy a car even though he worked as a POS operator.

Her friend started out by working in a market as a POS operator, where he helped customers make Online payments. 

He went to a bank and applied for a loan. The bank approved his application and gave him the money.

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Hardwork pays

He used the loan he collected to buy a car, and changed his job from being a POS operator to a cab driver. 

He was able to save up to pay off the loan, and now he owns the car.

Reactions: He did well for himself

Netizens were inspired by his story and they commented massively. Here are some of the comments: 

@MaxxyB: Great stories of progress we like to hear

@gisthaphy: He had integrity, was genuine, consistent and hardworking. He did well for himself.

@godlyproject: Great!!! Truly impressed

@Jedishola: There are success stories all around us if our hearts are open enough to want to hear good news. God bless your friend and more wins for him. 

@MadQueenLady: Hardwork pays

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Caterer bounces back after event’s food pours

Meanwhile on Instagram, many people were heartbroken after watching a video of a caterer’s recent mishap with food.

The caterer and her team were preparing delicacies for an event when the pot cracked and poured out all the food.

This was really shocking as all the food for the event wasted and could not be salvaged.

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