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Young boy invents special light to scare off lions

Richard Turere, 13, despises lions and devised special light to ward off the lions around his father’s farm.

Turere was only nine years old when he first took on the responsibility of herding and protecting his family’s cattle while they were living on the outskirts of Nairobi National Park in Kenya. 

But frequently, the lions prowling the park’s luscious savannah grasses would raid his priceless animals, leaving him to count the losses.

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“I grew up hating lions very much,” says Turere, who is from Kitengela, just south of the capital Nairobi. “They used to come at night and feed on our cattle when we were sleeping.”

Turere decided it was time to discover a means to keep his family’s sheep, goats, and cows from being eaten by hungry lions when he was just 11 years old.

His epiphany was sparked by a single, insignificant observation.

Little boy makes special light to ward off lions

“One day, when I was walking around,” he says, “I discovered that the lions were scared of the moving light.”

Turere noticed that while someone was going around with a torch, lions were reluctant to approach the farm’s stockade. 

After putting his youthful brain to work, he came up with a creative, straightforward, and inexpensive strategy to frighten the predators away a few weeks later.

Around the animal enclosure, he mounted a number of poles with LED special light that were facing outward and flashed. 

The lights were connected to a switch box with a solar-powered old automobile battery. 

They were made to sporadically turn on and off in order to deceive the lions into thinking that someone was moving about with special lights.

Richard Turere, 13, despises lions and devised special light to ward off the lions around his father’s farm.

Special light turn sporadically 

Turere’s family has not lost any livestock to wild animals since setting up his “Lion Lights,” much to his father’s great satisfaction and the amazement of his neighbours.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Turere designed and implemented the entire system on his own, without ever having had any engineering or electrical instruction.

Due to his extraordinary resourcefulness, the 13-year-old was invited to the TED 2013 conference, held in California. 

There, he will share the stage with some of the finest scientists, philosophers, and inventors in the world.

“I did it myself, no one taught me, I just came up with it,” says Turere. “I had to look after my dad’s cows and make sure that they were safe.”

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