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How To Be a Better Lover and Blossom In Your Love Life

We all have that special someone in our life that we want to be better for. We want to improve ourselves, spoil them, and learn a few tricks that would make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Let’s get something straight: being a good lover is more than just learning a few more bedroom techniques. Of course, that can help, but it is more than just being in the bedroom; it’s about understanding your partner beautifully. A deep relationship comes from moments of real, raw connection — and, well maybe, s3x.

A lover loves. You can be a lover of books, a lover of men, and a lover of football! 

Here are a few ways to be a better lover of your partner:

Be intimate

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You can’t be a lover if you cannot be intimate with your partner. This is a general feeling of closeness shared between two people, and it goes way beyond just the physical. 

One of the best ways you can be intimate is if you disclose things about yourself in a healthy and great manner. If you don’t know, psychologists have famously helped people develop feelings of closeness (and even love) with strangers simply by having them engage in deeper and deeper conversations with each other in lab settings.

Be generous with care and affection

When you love something, you will spend hours with it and pour your time, energy and care into the thing. The same thing goes for a partner.

Affection is the stuff of great love. There are so many ways to be more affectionate with your partner, from supporting their dreams to getting their favorite snacks.

Communicate well

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Yes, you can communicate, but can you communicate well? This is simply just letting your partner know things the standard way by verbalizing your feelings. 

A good lover can communicate their own needs in a way that’s kind, compassionate, and respectful. This would also help if you’re asking for something you want in bed.

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Be open-minded

When you’re communicating with your lover, it’s vital to have an open mind. This would also help to improve your lovemaking skill. Don’t be judgmental or make them feel insecure.

You need to be ready to hear them out. And if they say something unexpected or that throws you off, then speak up! Remember, you’re not all into the same stuff, so please avoid unreasonable sensual things. 

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Set boundaries

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When you’re attempting to communicate about an intimate subject matter, it’s crucial to set boundaries. 

If you don’t, it can harm you. Because you’re the only one that knows what you’re thinking. The beauty of taking the lead is that it encourages your partner to do the same with you.

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Learn to Listen

Once your partner starts to communicate their desires, you have to listen. These are intimate conversations, and they will most likely involve difficult topics. Oftentimes, when someone is interested in a specific s3xual act, they find it hard to speak about it. They will be coy so you must listen to them very well. 

Who knows? The conversation could shift in a more interesting direction.

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Prioritize dates and alone time

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Quality time is very important if you want to be a better lover. How can you spend quality time? By going on dates!

Dates may sound expensive but there are low-budget dates that include you just spending a small amount on whatever you two are doing. 

Try to choose a thing both you are comfortable with and something that brings about happiness. 

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Conclusion on how to be a better lover

Being a good lover is all about truly being in sync with your partner, knowing them well, and delivering on their specific needs and desires. 

So make your partner a priority and make sure you learn everything about them! 

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